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I'm often asked how I came up with "Happy Nipples". Well, in order to understand the concept behind Happy Nipples you sorta need to know me a little. I have been creating art all of my life. I started out drawing comic books when I was a wee little lad. I am now a professional Graphic Designer and Artist. And I am a whole lot of goofy. Never really took life too seriously.

That is how "Happy Nipples" came about. I was sitting in a fancy restaurant having a very romantic dinner with my girlfriend. It was a great moment. Amazing food. Soft lights. A bottle of wine. Romantic music filled the air. I looked my girl straight in the eyes and said "Baby Girl, you make my nipples happy". She just smiled and said "That would make a great T-shirt".

And there you have it. Happy Nipples was born. =)

Nothing says romance like Happy Nipples...

I decided to take the silly concept and run with it. We offer a line of men's and women's premium T-shirts that are sure to make you smile and make your Nipples Happy!